It's all about Slack.

Only those that understand, know. And those that know, understand.



Well, I should be a bit more punctual. It's not like I'm not connected to internet with this page open or anything. But then, no one but me is reading this. Maybe that will change, of course, I will need to write something interesting. That's what I was wondering, blogs seem to be about the "man on the street" and his opinion, maybe not as much opinion but his views on what is happening. So I guess that is what this is really about. But then who am I? What makes my view so important? Nothing, actually, nothing at all. But then, maybe you can get to understand yourself better by understanding why someone else sees different things in the same picture.

anyways, the last week has been so so. ups and downs. Made a big mistake, even didn't listen to my intuition on this either, mainly when it was telling me something bad was going to happen. That what bothers me the most. Once again I didn't listen to myself when my spidey sense is going off. wish it will be the last time I do that.

Well, I could go on, and on, but I'm not going to. Just short, nice little thingys for now. Need to work on the direction a bit. decide how much slack you need.

be seeing you...


God I am so Jealous!!!!! ( yes, with a capital J!) Green with Jealousy. Someone's playing FarCry on his laptop. I can barely play Diablo II on my laptop (PII-400mhz (which maybe chugging at 360mhz, need to check that out). Crappy ass 2.5 megs NeoMagic256 video chipset. Oh, and to make matters worse, this chick who I thinks hot, who was sitting at the table next to mine is going to sit at his table. Talk about inadequacy feelings! =)

Oh, guess no at his table, the one next to his, which is in a brighter part of the cafe, so I guess that's okay. I do need to take a shower. =) Anyways, been a while since I posted anything, so what is new in the world of slack.

Did I mention that I got a p4 3ghz system? at barton version of my AMD chip (means more cache at the expense of slightly slower speed) which with the more memory i got (means I can have a gig of dual channel memory at run in it), plus a gig (2 512 DDR400mhz) for the P4. Not surehow it works though, pretty sure the P4 is an 800mhz fsb since they've only made 1 3ghz chip (they made a few 3.06 ghz chips, but they usually are classfied at 3.06 chips since they were the first with Hyper-threading.)
Got a Zire 71. Don't really need it because I have a Tungsten E, but it has a built in camera which is pretty cool.
got more HD then you can shake a stick at, but found out some usfull info in regards to running a raid with at pci at on card like I am planning on.
Apparently you get the max speed out of using 3 drives instead of 4 because you satutarte the PCI channel with 3 drives (like 128 mhz out of 133mhz possible). But I still need to find out if that had meant with an add on card, or a build in controller?
See, I have this add on PCI card to hook up to 4 EIDE drives in Raid 0, 1 and 0+1(not sure on this). but i though the PCI cards could do a max of 33mhz, though the channel could do a max 133mhz. Guess I need to figure this out. Need to find a good hardware forum to hang out in...

well, in the immortal lyrics of slayer...
Evil has no disguise!

Slayer dude!


Alienware PC To Contain Two Graphics Cards

I was wondering when this technology was going to rear it's head again.


Well, it's been a few days. Oops. Meant to, but you know how it is. Let's see, got a new computer, some sort of P4 monster, need to plug it in to see what it's all about. I'm hoping to put it into some sort of shuttle, providing that I can get my hands on a decent one that I want. Also got some more hardware, can't wait till I get a place to live (and a job of some sort, or some sort of income.) which reminds me, where's my tax refund? Nothing, nada. Could be lost in some perverse post-person revenge thingy. Why me, oh, why me?

Anyways, where was I? Oh, ya, grabbing the shotgun and heading to the post office. See ya, in my new blog, the life of an inmate...

...Just kidding, I'm actually a pacifist. I just don't play one in video games.

be seeing you...

(funny thing, blog came up in the spell checker, you'd think they'd have that one in...)


OGRISH.COM : CAN YOU HANDLE LIFE? This is where I found a copy of the recent beheading video. Not the greatest quality, but still pretty sick.


Nice sunny day, today. Got Windows XP installed on my laptop. I need a bigger harddrive though, it only has a 4 gig drive, which is almost full just with the basics. ugh... Got a USB creative labs sound card (external of course) and have this Zalman 5.1 headphones. Just can't seem to figure out where I put the power adaptor for it. Silly me, should be in my storage space, I would think. Least I have to run there before 5:30 anyways. Didn't want to carry the headphones with me tonight, so maybe I'll just check it out tomorrow. Got a new bag for my laptop. actually got 4 bags for my laptop, but only really like 1 of them, which I am useing. Another one I liked so I put my other laptop in it. Don't know what I'm going to do with my 2 other bags, hopefully sell them.

Sorry, at this moment, I'm not putting the direction in I want with this, just using it to lossen up my mind towards what I want to do with this, not to mention finally getting a decent laptop (if 400mhz PII is decent) that I can WiFi for free with.

more later, I'm sure...


Well, it's been a few days and a few laptops later. I finally seem to got a decent one, about the specs I was looking for, at the price I was hoping for. =)
Any, more later...


Well, since this is my first post, I guess I should do it right. Not starting anything exciting, as probably nobody will be reading this. I mean, after all, who really pays attention to me anyways? Maybe you should.

Anyways, today I finaly got a 16bit PC Card, so at least I can use the Aero to go online. Going to probably try to get the winbook working, think it will be better then this crappy thing. Tired right now, (that actually is my usual state) but too tired to type neat clever things. Maybe more wisdom later.