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post of mine, take warning!!

Receiving SPAM from registering here (using unique email address) - The Extensions Mirror

This is just a start.  I am tired of spam.  I am tired of lame fucks who thinks it's okay to sell info.  It's bullshit, you understand?  BULL FUCKING SHIT!

Most of the people using internet are so fucking stupid it just sucks.  Not at all like it was back in the early 90's.  Of course, since Internet is main stream, I guess every John, Dick and Harry are going to be on it.  Well, cool, don't really have a problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is how fucking stupid you are.  Pull your fucking head out of your ass.    SPAM can be stopped, very easy.
First off, quit posting your email address every fucking place you can.  Actually, get rid of whatever account you are using now.  It's already spam ridden and there's nothing you can do about it.  What you can do is this, make multible accounts.  1 account for family and friends.  This account you do not share the address with anyone other then family and friends.  Tell them to never give your email address away, to never use it when they are sending multible emails at once (unless it's a bcc), never post in anywhere on internet.   Make another for work, and also make one for giving out to people you don't know.  That email you should use Gmail for, or another good email that does it's own spam catching.
Also, use disposable emails for when you sign up for crap. is a good place to start.

anyways, I got better things to do then this.  like anyone listens to what the fuck i say.  you will wish you did, but I don't care.  Just remember, when internet becomes to clogged down because of spam, you were warned.  When terrorist kill people you know, you shouldn't of voted for a republican.  Take a fucking stand people, because when the revolution comes, you are either with us, or dead.  No more of this sitting back and letting others take care of it.  We have less then 7 years before we have to stand by our choices.  There will be no going back once that day comes.


A little heads-up for Linux and MacOSX users...

Infinite Loop: A pair of security-related Apple articles

It's funny how this article points out the common misconception that because they aren't running a windows OS that they are safe.  NOT!

The only computers that are safe, are long dead.
But with proper precautions and updates of the software you are running you can stay relatively safe.

I guess the truth is amoung us, Macs are actually nice computers...

Antivirus company suggests home users switch to Macs

I have a Mac.  I'm now building a mac for my Dad because of all the spy/mal/ad ware he seems to like to collect on his computer.  I'm also going to pick up a generic mac (clone) from someone on mon or tues.  That one might just be an amiga clone (using UAE) depending.
I also have like 3 or 4 x86 type computers (I'm not calling them PC because a Mac is a PC also.  PC=Personal Computer.  Hello you stupid Mac commercial.  Why most of the stupid people out there might consider a x86 running windows to be a PC, what they aren't taking the time to consider is that Mac's, Amiga's, Atari's (not the vid consoles), Commodore's, Acorn's, Z80(1)'s, CPM capable machine's, Apple's, BBC's, Micro's, and many more I did not name (or could not) are PC's.  Personal Computers.  Personal Fucking Computers.  Do you catch the point here?  Machines that have a x86 compatable CPU that run the Microsoft Windows Operating System (various crappy flavors) aren't the only fucking PC's on the whole people damned planet.
Anyways, I seemed to have got side tracked.  Wouldn't happen if people were so stupid.  Actually, it happens because I can not focus on anything for long, so I start getting side tracked...

okay, you get the point.  Mac's are the great computer/OS for the people who's computers you have to clean all the time.

Of course, once or if they become more popular and start grabbing a greater share in the market place, then I'm sure their numbers of crap will start going up.

Slayer all,  Be seeing you!


Anti-Spam stuff

Blacklisted 411 - Spam Vampire - Software Review

Okay, found this review on this page, which sounds good.  It has a link to follow, which is:

And that page has a list of a few different programs.  None of them which I have checked out yet.
but I like the Spam Vampire's style.  Which is, basiclly, to have a program repeaditly donwloading the images on the site.  This will bring up the costs of hosting, dramticlly.   Think about what would happen if even 1/10th of the people that receive spam where to run this overnight or when they aren't using their machine.  hehe.  I like the idea alot.  Make it so spam isn't even worth while.