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Man, what a Seahawks game. It's currently at the 2 minute warning, debating the last play before the 2 minute warning.
A tip off, interception, then branch strips it from the chief who intercepted it.

But the point is, what's up with the defense? Sure, the offense lost some of it's best players, but the defense have just been sucking. They seem to have forgot the basics, like tackling at the legs. Repeately players keep missing tackles because they are trying to tackle them at the chest or higher. Um, dumbfucks, try tackling at the legs, waist at the highest.

you just got lucky on a good call. Now you need to go tie the fucking game up so we can beat them in over time. if you do make a td, do NOT fucking try to the god damn 2 points. you will NOT make it. our kicker though, can kick most anything in.

Wallace, my man, get some confidence back. You are good, you wouldn't of been backup qb if you weren't. But I can see how nervous you are. you are the man, and you can do it. right now you are.


Well, been a bit since I posted last. The day before my birthday, it seems.

And that was just such a fun day. really.

anyways, been meaning to post to this blog a bit more regularly. Guess it just shows how i am in life.

Anyways, been playing EQ2 lately.

nice. okay, later