It's all about Slack.

Only those that understand, know. And those that know, understand.




It's another nice Fall day here in Seattle.
Yesterday was all about slack.
Received a bunch of memory (so now both my machines are running with a 1 gig, plus I have some ram put away for my next machine). I also got a 256 meg MMC card for my N-Gage QD, so i'm able to put some of those games I downloaded on it and try it out. Though i've ran into some weird things I didn't have before. Like I use Winrar 3.42 (corp edition) and when I did test on this archive, it all was fine. But when I extracted the files, 1 was corrupt, or didn't pass the crc32 check. But if I used 7Zip to extract it, it's fine.
Weird, but it might be because I put the memory at a CAS 2.5 instead of the 3.0 that is says on it. I know you can get weird problems with memory running at the wrong speeds, so maybe this was it. I, of course, haven't tried to see if it extracts correct now, lazy and all.

oh, I also got my epic 1.0 for my bst, and even made 30k on my trader. cool, cool, cool.

Of course, got the usually shit talking on my EQ hacking board, but what can you expect from teenage losers? Maybe one day people will realise that even though the Internet makes you pretty much anonymous, it doesn't excuse proper social behavior.
What I enjoy though is, knowing that these people are going to get used to talking so much shit, that they are going to blurt out the wrong thing in public sometime and get their ass kicked for it. That puts a smile on my face. I don't even have to stop being a pacifist. sweet.

oh, yes, the shrink thinks i need to up my dose of concerta again. I haven't been taking what they consider a "normal" dose because it causes me to, well, be aggressive, more lively, more likely to be violent, more angry, and well, more loathing of the world.

I'm about slack (not a slacker, slackers are different in my book, though I guess I might be considered a slacker by others), and well, when I'm like this, I'm not being as laid back as I need to be. Personally I blame the lack of marijuana.

well, till next time, be seeing you.


Guess I don't really update this blog like I should. Since it's all about slack, maybe I should point out the nice things out there for us. But then, I do on the occasion provide interesting links. but if people actually read these, then I might have responsibilties to keep them occupied with something to read/think about.

anyways, the laptop just rebooted, back to work.