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today, on the bus, some fine asians girls, and incest, incestous and of course, mother fuck er

So, what's up with that title?  Today?  You mean, like today?  Not yesterday, or even, tomorrow?  Okay, sorry.  I am not funny, don't even know why I try.  Anyways, the point is, well, there was some asian girls in the seats in front of me.  I'm not really sure if they were fine, and I can't recal what they looked like.  Sorry, but asian girls in Seattle isn't unusual or anything.  Fine asian girls, well, not as many of them, but still, well, a decent amount.  Not like it matters, I'm not getting any (not trying actually, i'm sure they all want me) anyways, but the point of todays little rant is this.  One of the chicks had one of those electronic translators or something.  It had the word in English, and then I guess it's meaning in traditional japense (you know, those funny little picture thingys).  But the words that were listed (at least a few of them) is what caught my eye.  First was:
Incestuous (or however it's spelled.  Sorry, it's not a word I use in, well, most my conversations.)
In cest
Mother fuck er

okay, why the hell is these words even in the stupid electronic thing?  Maybe Motherfucker, I can understand why maybe that word would be useful.  (nothing like a tourist trying to swear at you in bad/broken english).  But Incest and Incestous?  What?  Why?  Is incest okay in japan?  (or china, where ever they are from).  While I can gather alot of people think that incest is okay (this is based on the number of incest stories that get posted to newsgroups), I didn't realise it was conversation material when you are traveling overseas.

If anyone can explain that one to me, don't.  I think I'd be better off not knowing the truth.  Either way I'm going to be disapointed and scared.

So, it's was Hempfest here in Seattle.  I had fun for the 4 hours or so I put in today.  My knee and ankle is killing me though, so I went home after 4:20.  Caught a joint they were passing around, smoked it and another during the 4:20 speech.

Right now my cat has her head in my glass of water.  Not sure what she's doing.  She sort of drinking, but mostly just breathing on the water.  I guess she's just trying to keep me from it.  Maybe she wants me to put new, cold water in her dish.  Maybe she should learn how to do it herself.  =)  Just kidding, I love my cat.  She's a sweet heart.  Hasn't figured out that walking on my keyboard is bad.  Probably never will.  But I get to wake up with her sleeping on my pillow, snuggled against the top of my head, usually with her face near mine.  Of course, the only thing nicer is waking up with your head (or face) on a nice pillow of breasts, but, well, I haven't found a nice dumb (as in, not able to talk) girl yet.
I seem to have to fight my cat for mouse space though.  She loves to lie on my computer desk, usually on the mouse pad, so she can rest her head on my hand.  She hasn't figured out that I need the room yet.  But I think she does realise that my hand is what is making that funny shaped thingy move around the screen (mouse pointer, mainly when I turn the trails on).
I got a laser pointer.  She goes crazy for the light dot.  But I think she knows I control it.

I need to make a device that I have to press to use my keyboard.  Probably be really annoying having a pedal or switch or something, but it's hard to type when she's lying on half the keyboard.  I can move her, but she just come back and plop back down, in the way.  oh, hey, Naruto on.  Sure, it's the English dubbed version, and i've already seen all these episodes (well, not only last week, and the week before, but I've downloaded all the fan subs episodes.  currently that number is at 197.  Hope they resolve the story line before it gets cancled.  Need to get DVD version of the episodes.  I got 8 DVD's of Bleach Fansub episodes, but all the single episode releases I get are avi files, probably xvid, I don't really pay attention.  I usually watch it all on my computer anyways.  Get tired of resizing the TV output, plus the color on my TV from stuff on the computer is just a little off.  Looks a lot better on my Apple Studio Display (15" LCD using DVI).