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I think i've mentioned that I ended up with a Sega Dreamcast Dev Kit.
I've wanted to try to turn it into a linux computer, since there is a working linux for the dreamcast. The problem is, I had read that the dev kit couldn't boot games.
So I've been on a search for some official Dev Kit software, or something so I could get an idea of what I am working with.
I also need to get (or make if I can find some info on the controller ports) a keyboard & mouse.

I recently got a used Dreamcast off craigslist. The dreamcast is in great shape, but i'm having problems getting it to boot cdr's. I'm wondering if my media is too new, or the 8x setting is too fast (won't let me burn a lower speed). Unfortunetly, I don't have the computer stuff I had when I had burnt my dc disks before. I guess I could have one of the few dc's that were made later, that doesn't boot off cdrs. That would suck.

Okay, I did get a copy of WinCE for Dreamcast and the SDK. I haven't looked into the sdk yet, but I did install the wince for dc, and learned a bit.

Apparently the Dev Kit connects to your computer via SCSI. It mentioned something about the dev kit not having a harddrive, but I can see what looks like a place for a harddrive and the cable to connect it.

So, I'm probably going to try to get it connected like it's supposed to be, and work from there. I'm sure I could I could get it set so it would boot games of a pc's harddrive, which, in itself, is pretty cool. Screw all those disks, and having to use a boot disk on some, just load it from a harddisk!

But, unless I decide to reverse engineer some of the software (might not have to, there might be source for dcload, but probably not), it would probably being running on a windows systems.

I'm hoping that it's possible to make it boot, providing it does in fact, take a harddrive. It has firmware, and they include the firmware, and I think, software for programming it. Since this is the dev kit, i'm going to assume they didn't bother to encyrpt it, pretty much no point for the extra time/cost.

It must have a decent amount of ram in it, because it's supposed to emulate a GD drive also. But that doesn't make sense, it would make more sense to have a harddrive and have the virtual image on that. I guess I need to reread what was there. Actually, I think I will print it.

Oh, also got a SGI Octane, and an Amiga 1000 system recently also. This is to join the Mac Plus, Mac SE, and Mac IIcx I've gotten also somewhat recently. Been into collecting working old systems recently. I got the Amiga also because I miss the Amigas I used to have. *sniff*
I got the Octane because I've always thought it would be pretty cool to have a unix machine. I traded a G3 for it, which I was trying to give away anyways, so it works out.


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