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this company is a load of crap!

Cyveillance Online Risk Monitoring and Management

I found out about this company from   It's one of the addresses that they send the spam headers to.  So, naturally, since I hate spam, I wanted to find out more about them.  Well, if you go to their website, you will see that they don't actually say what they do, besides "monitor" the internet.  They makes some claims about checking blogs, chat rooms, so on, but anyone with a little knowledge of how the internet works knows this to be false.  There is NO way they can check everything, all the time.  Plus, if they were actually doing some good, wouldn't people hear of them?  I've been on internet since 1990.  I've been dealing with online security since the mid 90's.  I haven't heard of them until I started using (after Blue Frog stupidly gave in to the spammers), so I wanted to see what they are about.

my conclusion?  They are full of themselves.  They get companys to pay them money for, as far as I can tell, stuff that a sys admin should be taking care of.  I mean, come on, if they were actually affective at battling this online crime, why is there more crime happening online now then before?  It's like my stupid ass government.  oh, we have to have a war on drugs.  drugs are bad.  What's that?  Since the war on drugs started, drugs are easier & cheaper to get.  Hello!  You suck!

I mean, sure, I should give them credit for ripping off business for little work, but I can't.  I think it's just plain wrong.
oh, ya, I almost forgot.  On their site, they have some "white papers" and a corporate overview pdf's that you can download.  A total of 8 pdf's to download.  Guess what?  They want you to fill out the same form for every download.  So either they don't want people actually reading everything (like I did), or they just don't know internet & internet users like they are claiming.  After reading the pdf's, they only confirmed what I was thinking, that they are just scamming money off of businesses.

if, you want to read the pdf's without having to fill out the forms, I figured the way around it (like I'm going to fill out the same fucking thing 8 times in a row, I only did it twice), since it was probably someone's kid, or brother-in-law that did the web programing, they of course, left some holes in the system.  Which is funny because it seems like the sort of thing they talk about monitoring against.  While they have the download directory being a virtual directory, so you just can't point the browser to that directory & start downloading, I looked for the best next thing.  What is that?  Well, I just compared the urls from when you clicked on the pdf you wanted to download, and what the url was when you click on submit thingy after you filled the form out.  It ended up that they use the same name for the pdf.  Now, this isn't the same name as what the pdf is called after you download it, which is why the virtual directory way didn't work, but what it does is give you the page after the form with the download link.  cool, eh?

okay, here's what the link is when you click on a pdf to download (and havne't filled a form):

and heres the link after the form:

what do you notice about the links?  yep, that they use the same name to call the download up with.  stupid, because all you have to do now is, on the whitepaper download page ( is place the mouse over the links and see what the end wp_name is.

So, since these are the names:online_pharma, idca, online_threats_fraud, ten_cyber, online_fraud, web_bugs, catch_a_thief, sizing_internet, and corp.
and the link you need to add them to is this:

it makes it very easy.  Now, I'm not sure what the legal status is of me putting the links on my site, but I guess I will, if they don't like it, they can ask me nicely to take them down.  Here's all the links, ready to download.
um, well, maybe not.  Seems that my blogging program isn't working correctly.  it don't matter, you can do the cut & paste yourself.

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