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I just don't understand sometimes. Like here on blogger. We can change one of the dates things to a format like this: 20060623 which in my opinion is the best way to do it. Sometimes I will put dashes (-) between the year and month, month and day, but I prefer not too. Why do I like it this way? Easy to keep things that are dated in order thru the dates. Not to mention Europeans have the very retarded way of putting the day of the month before the month. um, sorry, that is so stupid it amazes me. sure, maybe it's in order, day month year. but in a computer list that will put files with the date in front in a non date order.
Since the other common way is month day year, why doesn't everyone just adopt the correct (IMHO) and best (OAIMHO) way? After all, we have computers do most everything. This was there is no confusion for which way the date is written when the day is less the 12? Tell me what day this is: 111206 ?

You give up? European way it's Dec 11, 2006. USA is Nov 12, 2006. that is of course just using a 2 digit number for year, which is rapidly going the way of the dodo.

Since Internet has become a vital part of the world community, you don't know exactly what system something is using, unless it says or is very clear.

Anyways, the point I was starting to make is, under bloggers settings, you can change the date to 20060623 or 2006-06-23 (plus numerious others). But of the 3 different places you can change how the date is displayed, only the first one lets you do it the correct (IMHO) way. So, what you will end up having, is 3 different ways of display the date. Possible 2, but they have a timestamp option that has a few choices with dates & time, but none the match the 20060623 way.
Why? I like google and all, but they seem to be rapidly losing themselves. Sure, they are the "big" company now, they can play hardball with MS (hate MS, they suck so bad). But, that doesn't mean they can start treating they customers like MS does. Doesn't Google have any quality control? Do they use their own software? Seems to me if they used they would see the inconsistancies in the settings option. Though they probably just use the lame standard (and not computer listing friendly) way.

well, i'm done with that.




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