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Sweet! I'm back.

Finally. Some lame ass jacked my blog address a few months ago. Then, they added some javascript so the topbar doesn't show on the sight, so no one could flag the account. Why did that matter? Because the "blog" was actually an ad for some weight loss crap.
So what did I do? Bitched at blogger. A few times. You know how hard it is to get ahold of anyone running this service? I never did. Even though in the help section it clearly states to email the support staff. oh, did I mention that they do NOT have any email address listed? anywhere?

so, I bitched on some of the google groups for the blogger. Also started up another blog about peoples blogs getting jacked. of course, though, I forgot about it like everything else in my life.

At first I got my blog back, but the person still had my address. So I was pissed. Since, it isn't really bloggers fault (well, it is, because they put in a lame flag system, and then don't bother sending you an email when one of your blogs gets flagged) because I was in the hospital for a month and only had email access (well, I could use my phone to web surf, but as $.01 per kb, it does start to add up). So, I started messing with the source on my stolen address's blog. I found the part where they made the toolbar thingy disappear, removed it, then flagged the account. Not know if that would work or not, I started checking out the page that the blog (on my blogs address) basiclly pointed to. it only pointed to it if you bothered to put an email in, and read what you got sent. Thanks to gishpuppy, mailnull, & trashmail for making "fake" email accounts. If you want to sign up for stuff, but don't want to give your email address, I suggest you use one of those sites (,, The first 2 don't expire, but trashmail's expires in 6months, at the latest.
Anyways, I got my account back, under it's correct web address, so I don't have to bother with DDOS'ing the web page belonging to the people who jacked my address. And I went to so much trouble finding zombie computers out there. hmm, maybe I should figure out how to use the zombie computers to, oh, man, that is such a good idea. But it's something I need to think out, don't want to spill the beans before it's ready.
oh, dang, I got to say something. Think about this. Most spam is coming from zombie computers. How about a program that will find the zombies, then install some crap so it will let me know who & what address are connecting to the computer via the zombie port? sure, they might be controlled from other zombies, but all that does is give you more computers to check. What will happen is, after you take out all the zombie addresses, will be that you have other address which might lead back to someone.

Just so you know, I hate spam. but more on that later.

be seeing you!


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