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I guess the truth is amoung us, Macs are actually nice computers...

Antivirus company suggests home users switch to Macs

I have a Mac.  I'm now building a mac for my Dad because of all the spy/mal/ad ware he seems to like to collect on his computer.  I'm also going to pick up a generic mac (clone) from someone on mon or tues.  That one might just be an amiga clone (using UAE) depending.
I also have like 3 or 4 x86 type computers (I'm not calling them PC because a Mac is a PC also.  PC=Personal Computer.  Hello you stupid Mac commercial.  Why most of the stupid people out there might consider a x86 running windows to be a PC, what they aren't taking the time to consider is that Mac's, Amiga's, Atari's (not the vid consoles), Commodore's, Acorn's, Z80(1)'s, CPM capable machine's, Apple's, BBC's, Micro's, and many more I did not name (or could not) are PC's.  Personal Computers.  Personal Fucking Computers.  Do you catch the point here?  Machines that have a x86 compatable CPU that run the Microsoft Windows Operating System (various crappy flavors) aren't the only fucking PC's on the whole people damned planet.
Anyways, I seemed to have got side tracked.  Wouldn't happen if people were so stupid.  Actually, it happens because I can not focus on anything for long, so I start getting side tracked...

okay, you get the point.  Mac's are the great computer/OS for the people who's computers you have to clean all the time.

Of course, once or if they become more popular and start grabbing a greater share in the market place, then I'm sure their numbers of crap will start going up.

Slayer all,  Be seeing you!


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