It's all about Slack.

Only those that understand, know. And those that know, understand.



Well, I guess I wandered back over here again.

I had typed up a bunch of stuff, but since my mind can't seem to stay on task today, forget it.

I need to feed my cat anyways, I'll try to get back to this soon.

Sort of not a good time for me anyways, I think I have an infection that is getting into my bloodstream. So it's making me a bit spacey (if thats possible!) and it's sort of nice. I feel like i'm more connected with my dreams like this. Which shouldn't be anything, but since I tend to dream of the same place (not the same dream, just the landscape in my dreams are always the same, like I'm in a future Seattle, or Alt Realty Seattle or something).
Since I like my dreams better then I do real life, it puts me in a bad position.

Am I making myself crazy? Well, I guess if I don't feed my cat it won't matter, she'll probably just eat me instead.

take care