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I really wish I would update this more. But, if you understood how my mind works, then you'd probably understand why I can't/don't.

I just don't think of it enough. Or if I do, it's when i'm not around a computer or something.

Anyways, what I wanted to bitch about today, is how stupid people are when they interact in other countries. I know that isn't coming out exactly as I mean it, so let me give examples:

Today, on the news, they were talking about companies changing their businesses to the "Chinese" way of life, so they can do business there.

Um, well, no shit. What, you expect to bring your product and the world will bow down to use so they can pay for it?

How about the Iraq war? Where some soldiers finally figured out that if they start interacting with the locals, taking on some of their customs, like beards, learning Arabic, and basically showing the Iraqi's that hey, we are just like you. Normal people wanting to have everyone live in peace.

How about the missionaries of yesteryear? Where they would go and basically force the cultures to switch to their religion. I think it was Spain that forced most of south & central America into Catholicism.

I don't find how some of our government feels that it's okay to force democracy down other countries throats. Don't they read the history books? You can't change a peoples custom overnight. How can people live a democracy, when they've always had 1 person lead them? I'm not saying that it's right for countries to be oppressed, i'm saying that people need to want that, not just giving it to them.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Partly because finding out about my dyslexia and other things, is making me see and understand things that happened before alot more clearly. but it's also making me realise that I, well, I guess you say, see things different then most people. Not better, just different. I guess like there's usually different way to drive to places. while most people will jump on a highway to get there, I guess you could say I'm taking the side streets, or the scenic route. and even get lost on the way. =)


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