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God I am so Jealous!!!!! ( yes, with a capital J!) Green with Jealousy. Someone's playing FarCry on his laptop. I can barely play Diablo II on my laptop (PII-400mhz (which maybe chugging at 360mhz, need to check that out). Crappy ass 2.5 megs NeoMagic256 video chipset. Oh, and to make matters worse, this chick who I thinks hot, who was sitting at the table next to mine is going to sit at his table. Talk about inadequacy feelings! =)

Oh, guess no at his table, the one next to his, which is in a brighter part of the cafe, so I guess that's okay. I do need to take a shower. =) Anyways, been a while since I posted anything, so what is new in the world of slack.

Did I mention that I got a p4 3ghz system? at barton version of my AMD chip (means more cache at the expense of slightly slower speed) which with the more memory i got (means I can have a gig of dual channel memory at run in it), plus a gig (2 512 DDR400mhz) for the P4. Not surehow it works though, pretty sure the P4 is an 800mhz fsb since they've only made 1 3ghz chip (they made a few 3.06 ghz chips, but they usually are classfied at 3.06 chips since they were the first with Hyper-threading.)
Got a Zire 71. Don't really need it because I have a Tungsten E, but it has a built in camera which is pretty cool.
got more HD then you can shake a stick at, but found out some usfull info in regards to running a raid with at pci at on card like I am planning on.
Apparently you get the max speed out of using 3 drives instead of 4 because you satutarte the PCI channel with 3 drives (like 128 mhz out of 133mhz possible). But I still need to find out if that had meant with an add on card, or a build in controller?
See, I have this add on PCI card to hook up to 4 EIDE drives in Raid 0, 1 and 0+1(not sure on this). but i though the PCI cards could do a max of 33mhz, though the channel could do a max 133mhz. Guess I need to figure this out. Need to find a good hardware forum to hang out in...

well, in the immortal lyrics of slayer...
Evil has no disguise!

Slayer dude!


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