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Prison terms on tap for 'prerelease' pirates | CNET

Another bad idea about to be signed by a bad person.

I wish our government was for the people instead of the corporations.


Panic Struck Productions ... Creators of Star Wars Revelations

Star Wars paradoy (or something) film, 40 minutes, free.
This is mostly for me to remember to download it from a different computer. I am so lazy! =)

good thing no one is bored enough to read my crap.


Slashdot | Music Industry Drafts Code of Conduct for ISPs

Cute, stupid crap that the music industry thinks we need. losers.
I always use a lot of bandwidth, but not for music.
software, movies, Dr Who vids, Dr who audio, comic books scans. and of course, sending stuff to friends and stuff. and online games.

WiFiMaps Hotspot Locator and Wi-Fi Directory

Good Wifi info. too lazy to put it in my bookmarks
99.9 KISW The Rock Of Seattle :: Powered by Liquid

The music station I usually listen to in Seattle. That is, of course, when I'm not listen to CD's, MP3's, or other radio stations. of course, it's streaming now, again, finally, so I can listen while I do other things now, like play Alpha Centauri, if I ever get back to it.
Something Awful

Pretty cool site. at least, this legal section is entertaining me. I guess it's the guys response to legal threats about stuff he posts. not sure as I haven't actually checked out his site, but been reading his replies to legal shit. Pretty funny. Mainly the Ultimate Warrior, who i'm sure we all thought was dead, legal shit. read it

20050410 - Official EverQuest News

Well, it's finally happening. I knew mergers would take place, but didn't think it would be this soon. oh, well.

I'm the last move, Eci, 5-30, but still, I merge, none the less.