It's all about Slack.

Only those that understand, know. And those that know, understand.



Haven't hit this blog in a long time. I end up posting to my journel on slashdot alot, and forget about my slack project.

So, then, since I haven't used this for what I had originally planned, then I guess I should figure out what I want to do, exactly. I mean, it's really none of your business what I do, day to day, and since it's all pretty boring, i'll avoid talking about it. Originally, I had planned on posting about the different types of slack I come across during the day, wether online, or what not.

But then, it leaves a trail. and some clever person might be able to follow that trail to me, and then take my slack. Sorry, NO. Homey don't play that.

so then, until I figure it out, well, I guess we'll see.


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