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Damn, a lack of weed and I forget to blog for a month and a half.

Well, I'm back now. Had a little disllusion (sp?) a bit ago, so it made me not sure if I wanted to do what I was planning with this blog.

See, this blog is about slack and how it pretains to life. Namely, slack and my life. But as my life sucks, maybe not a good idea. Plus as slack sometimes means "liberating" stuff from the evil corporate empire that controls us.

Well, someone was stealing my slack, as a store that will remain nameless, used video tape after the fact to have me arrested and charged with Theft 3, which is just shoplifting. See, the changed shoplifting to theft because it seems like its a more serious crime. I didn't get busted in the store, I got busted months later when a lame seattle cop (which describes most of them) decided to stop me because it was reported that I was involved in "suspicous narcotic activities" which was really funny because I wasn't. The best part was, when it was discovered that I made a bowl of weed on me and a pipe, that wasn't considered the "narcotics" that I was doing. Then the cops go on to say that I was either shooting herion or smoking crack behind someones house, by their gray truck when they chased me away. I supposedly got mad and came back and set their truck on fire. I found that all pretty funny myself, mainly since I had proof of where I was when this was supposed to have happened. What really cracks me up, is the cops kept telling me that I was lying to them, when it reallity, they were the ones who was lying to me the whole time. But then, thats okay, gots are allowed to lie to people. And yet, the courts take their word as absoulte.

Anyways, they wanted to give me 6 months jail time for that (the theft charges), which they ended up giving me 45 days of home monitoring. you know, the electronic ankle braclet. Whish is great, because I don't really do much anyways, all pretty pointless.

The best part? I "liberated" so much stuff from that store that if I did have to do 6 months in jail, it would of still be worth it.

Small note to store managers, if you leave stuff out with no sort of security measures, yes, people just like me, some better, most worse, are going to take it. Mainly up on a street like Broadway in Seattle, where all the drug addicts hang out at. (which I figured is because there's a bunch of places that buys used stuff, which is a junkies greatest friend)

So, since i've been lazy on this, I decided to get back into gear. No one reads this blog, of course, but maybe, someday, I'll have something to say that people might be interested in. but i'm not holding my breath. Anyways, it's a good way to practice my typing, because god knows I don't type enough (joke).

I got into the World of Warcraft beta, which means free playing for a couple of weeks. I also have like 6 DVDs of Star Wars Galaxies 2 week free trial, which is good until Jan. 15th, 2005, so unless I give them away, I can play (new character each time) SW:G for awhile. 'cept the game sort of sucks, so I probably won't.

I got a free charactor on EQ that I usually play (Bisot on E'ci) but since i'm doing the wow i haven't been playing.

Slayer Dude!


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