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Well, it's Easter, another wasted day. Oh, sorry, you stupid religous people, I forgot this is the day that Jesus became a zombie, the walking undead, like that really matters.

Sorry if I offend, but maybe if you stopped beliving in pointless bullshit and started paying attention to the world around you, our country wouldn't be the shit hole it is.

I need to get back to slashdot and finish reading up on the news for nerds. thank you anyways.

But just answer this, why is getting Clinton impeach over lying about "sex" (which, by the way, oral sex isn't sex, it's foreplay, just like kissing, a hand job, or me putting my fist up your cunt, the penis going into the vagina is sex.) okay, while our current president, Bush, lied to us about WMD in Iraq, putting us in war, causing our national debt to soar higher then it's everbeen, causing the gas prices to go sky high, okay? I hope you are related to some of our dead soldiers, because they shouldn't be dying for something as stupid as politics. They defiently aren't dying for our freedom, because we keep losing our freedom here in the name of protection from terrorist.

yes, you people disgust me.


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